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      Si stepped off a little ways, and Shorty looked over his shoulder as he opened the letter and read:"Don't you know your right shoulder?" said the Sergeant, with a good deal of vinegar in his tone, to Si, who had his gun on the "larboard" side, as a sailor would say.

      Klegg Starts Home. 45A teamster, hatless and coatless, with his hair70 standing up, came tearing through the brush, mounted on his saddle-mule.

      "Corporal of the Guard, Post No. 1."

      "Corp'l Klegg, you'll take five men, go down to the railroad, and report to the Commissary to load the wagon with rations."

      "I declare," said the Deacon dubiously, as he hefted the carpetsack. "It's goin' to be a job to lug that thing back home. Better hire a mule-team. But I'll try it. Mebbe it'll help work some o' the stupidity out o' Abraham Lincoln."


      In this way the soldiers spent the remainder of the night. Before daybreak the blast of a hundred bugles rang out, but there was little need for the reveille."We'uns foutin' for our liberty, and t' keep yo'uns from takin' our niggers away."



      "Mebbe I oughtn't to say it," said Si, as he munched away, taking a bite first off the crackers in his right and then off the meat in his left, "but nothing that ever mother baked tasted quite as good as this."